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Direct Mail Advertising Design by Dynamic Digital Advertising

Direct Mail Advertising Design

Starquartz Grout color chart and brochure designed and printed by Dynamic Digital Advertising in 2003. These brochure-mailers represent a multi application brochure that serves a variety of purposes for Starquartz Grout. In 2003 Starquartz invented a new type of designer grout that is a significant improvement over conventional grout in terms of durability, stain resistance and look. DDA was hired by Starquartz to develop a mailer-brochure that would market and detail the advantages of Starquartz Grout over existing grout. Additionally, Starquartz intended to use the mailer brochure to present the color choices available. As in past mailer-brochure design and brochure printing, DDA was up to the challenge in color critical applications. Despite state-of-the-art calibration of computer and proofing systems it is still difficult for computer design organizations to exactly duplicate color critical products on a variety of print devices. DDA's background in design, color critical printing, and software/hardware calibration affords DDA a capability to come as close to exact color matching as is possible today. 16 different color pallets had to be represented by digital printing, offset printing, color copier printing and soft proofing. DDA's color work proved to be extremely accurate across all forms of printing and all production applications. When color matters — DDA performs.

Direct Mail Advertising Design for Starquartz Grout by Dynamic Digital Advertising

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