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Professional Brochure Design by Dynamic Digital Advertising

Folder Brochure Design with Waterfall Inserts

Friends Hospital wanted to develop a marketing strategy that would help expose their unique behavioral health treatment center, located in Philadelphia, to a broader demographic outside of the city. Through collaboration with Friends Hospital, DDA helped generate new marketing themes that retained sensitivity to those in recovery from psychiatric conditions while emphasizing the renewed sense of purpose, productivity, and accomplishment that is the cornerstone to any person's wellbeing.

These marketing themes were then included in an elegant full color folder brochure, with 6 waterfall inserts highlighting the specific programs offered to adolescents, adults, and seniors with mental illnesses. The central theme was featured on the front page of the brochure: A Pathway to Wellness and Recovery. Through the waterfall insert design DDA ensured that the brochure would provide useful information to both patients and their loved ones and encourage the whole family to get involved in the patient's recovery. In addition to providing its strategic marketing services, DDA also designed the graphics and print layout, incorporated Friends Hospital's photographs, and wrote all the copy for the brochure.

Professional Brochure Design for Adeona Pharmaceuticals by Dynamic Digital Advertising
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