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Professional Brochure Design by Dynamic Digital Advertising

Foundations Behavioral Health LifeWorks Academy Trifold Brochure

Foundations Behavioral Health (FBH) provides both health and academic services to children and adolescents with a variety of behavioral conditions. There are two separate programs that make up the LifeWorks Schools, which are located on the FBH campus. The LifeWorks Alternative School offers students a therapeutic and compassionate environment with small, structured classes. The LifeWorks Academy provides educational programs to students with Autism, Aspergers, and other developmental disorders. Both educational entities strive to build relationships and strengthen communication between students, teachers, and families. When FBH wanted to share information about these programs with school districts and families, they asked DDA to design two separate brochures to highlight the unique and important features of each academic service.

DDA focused on the diversity of the students when designing the trifold brochure for the LifeWorks Alternative School. The images captured the compassionate and educational environment that this School provides to students. For the LifeWorks Academy brochure, DDA used puzzle pieces as the visual theme to represent autism awareness. This theme was evident throughout the brochure and was used to unify the brochure from the inside out. All images, layout, and content were approved by the client in a step-by-step design process in order to ensure these brochures illustrated the desired messages.

Professional Brochure Design for Foundations Behavioral Health by Dynamic Digital Advertising
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